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Handy Texan is the handyman Giddings, Texas property owners have relied on for years. Naturally, not everybody is handy. Therefore, some people need help with repair or installation work. And that’s where we come in. Whether you want to give your house a quick facelift or repair some parts, we’ll provide a hand and ensure excellent results.

Interior Painting Services

Experts recommend repainting a home every three to four years. But this timeline is often shorter for some parts of a house that become dingy or fade quickly due to dust exposure and direct sunlight. Nevertheless, we can help you, whether your home’s interior needs revitalization or you want to remodel, starting with a fresh paint coat. We use long-lasting and thick paint to ensure your house gets a jaw-dropping vibrancy that lasts for years.

Fencing Services

A fence is a crucial component of every home. Apart from keeping kids and pets safe, fencing marks property lines while increasing the overall value. Handy Texan is the best company to handle your fencing project. We’ve been fencing Giddings, Texas properties for years. That means we have the necessary experience to fence your property. Whether you want to install a new fence, replace it, or upgrade the existing one, our crew will ensure you achieve your desired results.

Exterior Painting Services

Do you love your home’s exterior appearance? Maybe the paint color doesn’t fit your house’s overall appearance. Perhaps, you’ve moved into a different home and want to put a mark on it. You might have maintained the exterior hue for many years and want to change it. Regardless of the case, Handy Texan can help you.

Our exterior painting can give your home an entirely new look. But aesthetics aren’t the only benefit. Painting your home’s exterior protects it from outside elements and increases the curb appeal and the perceived value while extending the materials’ lifespan. We apply exterior paint in different colors to ensure homeowners get a product that suits their preferences.

Drywall Repair Services

Nobody likes glaring holes in their walls. And neglecting a drywall project can only lead to further damage. That’s why you need help from the drywall contractors Giddings, Texas property owners always trust to fix such issues in their homes.

At Handy Texan, we have the best experts to repair your drywall. Whether you want to apply final touches on a remodeling project or patch up wear and tear, we will do a fantastic job once you enlist our service. We offer the best drywall finishing and repair services to enhance your home’s overall appearance.

Pressure Washing Services

Do you want your home or business premises to look their best? If so, enlist our pressure washing services in Giddings, Texas. You can effectively and quickly remove the built-up sediment, dirt, and other debris by power washing the deck, driveway, siding, and other exterior parts. And this will help keep your property looking beautiful while reducing tear and wear by removing algae, mold, weeds, insects, chalk, and more. Over time, the build-up will break down and damage masonry, wood, and degrade stains or paint.